INNOVATIVE BADGES for complete visitor management

Visitor Pass Solutions provides “security you can see,” with products that show who is authorized to be in your facility — and who is not.

Self-expiring badges change color overnight, so they can’t be reused. They’re available for use with a direct thermal printer or a manual sign-in process.

The time-saving, self-duplicating Visitor Pass Registry Book creates a temporary visitor badge AND a permanent, confidential visitor log in one easy step. These may be custom-printed to fit an organization's image and/or its way of doing things.

Manual Solutions


Self-Duplicating Visitor Pass Registry book identifies and registers visitors in one writing. Badge and log book all in one.

Electronic Solutions

Digital thermal and inkjet badges for those who already have an electronic visitor management system.

Self-Expiring Solutions

Badges change color to prevent reuse, do not need to be collected.